Our branch of the Cottles

As is often the case in genealogy our origins are lost in the mists. However, due to an unusual name, we can make a good guess at when our progenitor crossed the Atlantic and where he came from before the crossing.

Uriah is a rather rare name and a person by that name was sentenced to the colonies for 7 years in the March Court in Somersetshire, England in 1752. We also find a will left in Greenbrier Co., Virginia (now West Virginia) in 1779 by a Uriah Cottle that mentions a Charles Jedidiah Cottle and a William Cottle who, records indicate, named a son Uriah. My great great great grandfather, Joseph Cottle also named his first born son Uriah. Joseph had a brother, John Cottle, (who had no children) who mentions both William and Joseph in his will. Joseph and John married sisters of the Nickell family. Some of the records of John and Joseph's marriages indicate that their parents were William and Elizabeth. Cottle men are notorious for going by their middle names for much, if not all, of their lives, so I conjecture that Uriah's first name was probably William, but he went by Uriah practically his whole life, up to and including when he dictated his will. (He signed with an X so we can assume he couldn't write.)

Charles Jedidiah, records indicate, was killed in the battle at Waxhaws, South Carolina in the American Revolution. William went through a lot of court dates to prove he was the heir to Jedidiah, including an appearance by an Elizabeth Cottle, saying she was their mother and that William was Jedidiah's heir. Some of the material William presented indicated that he was the heir because he was the only full brother to Jedidiah, thus we can assume that old Uriah had more than one marriage, and that John and Joseph were William's half-brothers.

The following is a listing of my reconstruction of Uriah's family with links to pdf files for each of his children (or grand children in some cases with intervening steps ).
1. William Uriah COTTLE b. _____ d. Sep 1779
m. Rebecca? ???
m. Elizabeth ???

Children of Rebecca?
2. Charles Jedidiah COTTLE b. circa 1759 d. 29 May 1780
2. Elizabeth COTTLE b. circa 1760 d. before 1825
m. 14 Jul 1779 John McGUIRE b. before 1765 d. bf Apr 1825
2. Charles William COTTLE b. circa 1763 d. circa 1830???
m. Hannah WARRACK
m. 14 Jan 1804 Hannah CAMPBELL (d. 3 May 1843)

Children of Elizabeth
2. Ruth COTTLE b. about 1770 d. 10 Jun 1815
m. 13 Jan 1789 David NUTTER (b. circa 1769 d. circa 1851)
2. Joseph COTTLE b. 17 Mar 1772 d. 1852
m. 7 May 1799 Nancy NICKELL (b. circa 1785 d. 1850)
2. John COTTLE b. 1 May 1775 d. 20 May 1850
m. 2 Jan 1799 Rebecca Nickell (b. circa 1775 d. before 1828)
m. 21 Nov 1828 Margaret PATTON (b. about 1776 d. 10 Aug 1854)
2. Hanna COTTLE b. circa 1775/78
m. 25 Jul 1836 John FOSTER
2. Sarah "Sally" Cottle b. circa 1780
m. 29 Mar 1797 John HAMM (b. after 1775)
2. Ann "Nancy" COTTLE b. circa 1780 d. after 1850
m. 9 Jun 1807 Robert PINE (b. circa 1755 d. Nov 1847)