Note that only the files indicated by links are currently available.
Also note that, currently, they are only partially completed.

The index refers you to the various 1830 household listings files as follows:
file nameincludes:file nameincludes:
m30-01HH#s 0001-0025m30-11HH#s 0251-0275
m30-02HH#s 0026-0050m30-12HH#s 0276-0300
m30-03HH#s 0051-0075m30-13HH#s 0301-0325
m30-04HH#s 0076-0100m30-14HH#s 0326-0350
m30-05HH#s 0101-0125m30-15HH#s 0351-0375
m30-06HH#s 0126-0150m30-16HH#s 0376-0400
m30-07HH#s 0151-0175m30-17HH#s 0401-0425
m30-08HH#s 0176-0200m30-18HH#s 0426-0450
m30-09HH#s 0201-0225m30-19HH#s 0451-0473
m30-10 HH#s 0226-0250

Actually, for display purposes, I am including an extra household, where needed, beyond the range displayed in the table above to avoid having a target table wind up in the middle of the page. For those who wish to scroll either up or down and view the families that happen to be in near proximity to the household they are visiting, when it is near the beginning or end of the particular household file, I am placing links between the files in a linear fashion. The linkage will be circular so that the link following HH# 473 will link to the top of the file containing HH# 001 and the link above table 001 will take you back to HH# 473. I am also putting links after the tables beyond the listed range for those who don't notice them at the normal end point of the range as identified in the table above. These additional links will go to the next table rather than to the top of the subsequent file.
It may be some time before all of these are in place!

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