Greenbrier court records 19 Jul 1785 state he enlisted in the Continental Army June 1779,
according to testimony of (step?) mother Elizabeth Cottle. Killed in Tarleton's massacre at
Waxhaws, SC 29 May 1780 per pension file. Aka Dide, Didi, Jodidah, or Judiah. Pension file
contradicts enlistment time, indicating enlistment in May rather than in June of 1779. Age of
20 at enlistment is an estimate. (See Uriah Cottle notes.)

[Section Two: notes concerning Charles Jedidiah Cottle, son of Uriah
who was killed in action at Waxhaws, SC in 1780.]
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
- Estate to be divided equally amongst the Children except my
- Son Charles Jedidah I give him my riphle Gun over and above
(excerpt from Uriah Cottle's will inserted here for documentation)

p.132 4/20/1784, William Cottle produced sufficient proof to this
court that he is the heir at law of Didi Cottle who was enlisted
during the late war and killed in the service, which is ordered
to be certified.
[Shuck, Larry G. Greenbrier County (W)V Records, Vol. I Athens:
Iberian Press, 1988.]

p.155 7/19/1785, ordered to be certified that Elizabeth Cottle,
mother of Dide Cottle, deceased, proved to this court that the
said Dide listed into Continental service in June 1779 and that
William Cottle, brother of the said Dide is the lawful heir of
the said deceased.
[Shuck, Larry G. Greenbrier County (W)V Records, Vol. I Athens:
Iberian Press, 1988.]
(Note: it is quite probable that Elizabeth was their _step_ mother.)

The following is a copy of an affidavit:

This is to certify that Judiah Cottle formerly of Greenbrier County,
Virginia (now in West Virginia) was inlisted in the month of May in
the year 1779, to serve during the war, and joined my detached
regiment to the south and served with me until the 29th of May, 1780
when he was killed at my defeat at Waxhaws. Given under my hand this
3rd day of April, 1803.
                                                                                A. Buford late
                                                                                Col. 11th Virg. Reg.t

(Note: Waxhaws is 22 miles south of Charlotte, N.C.)