Will probated in Greenbrier County, VA, May 1850: heirs were wife,
brothers Joseph & William, nephew John Burdet, whom he gave all his
land so long as he lives, and at his death he willed the land to
John C. Burdet, his sons and his heirs forever.

Others named included Sarah Hamm, Hanah Foster, Nancy Pine, Ruth Nutter, (sisters),
and Polly Stewart, Betsy Ellice, and Elince Nelson.

Childless with Rebecca Nickell and Margaret Patton.

Lived on Second Creek of the Greenbrier.

Appointed Constable in Monroe County in 1798.

[Section Nine: notes concerning John Cottle, who stayed in Monroe.]
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Monroe County Watchman, Jan. 18, 1979: Old Lebanon Cemetery -
John Cottle, Born 5/1/1775, Died 5/20/1850

Greenbrier County 1796 Tax List: John Cottle - 1 tithe, 1 horse

[Shuck, Larry. Greenbrier County (W)V Records]
p.231 4/1798, John Cottle appointed constable in room of John Humphreys.

p. 95 1/2/1799 John Cottle md. Rebecca Nickell, daughter of Isaac Nickell & Margaret Curry
[Shuck, Larry. Greenbrier County Marriages]

Monroe County 1799 Tax List: John Cottle

1/14/1806 Andrew Lewis md. Anne Corbett, John Cottle, surety.
Monroe County WV Marriages

Monroe County Deed Book B
p.464 2/16/1808, John & Nancy Knox to John Cottle of Greenbrier County
for $733.33 land on Second Creek partly in Monroe, part in Greenbrier,
110 acres, part of survey of 277 acres to John Knox 10/28/1805. . . .
From white oak above waggon ford on Second Creek to corner to corner
with Tristam & Robert Patton to corner with Gardner. . .

Monroe County 1810 Census: John Cottle

Greenbrier County 1815 Tax List: John Cottle: 1 tithe, 2 horses, 5 cows

p. 249 8/1817, ordered that William Cox be appointed surveyor of the
road leading from Howard Creek at Henry Hunter to Second Creek at John Cottle.
[Shuck, Larry. Greenbrier County (W)V Records]

p.257 June Court, 1818 - John Cottle for his account - $2.00
[Shuck, Larry. Greenbrier County (W)V Records]

p.261 10/8/1818, James Crawford & John Cottle appointed to appraise
the slaves & personal estate of the late Samuel Williams, deceased.
[Shuck, Larry. Greenbrier County (W)V Records]

p. 177 Jesse Cox, Appr. 4/5/1822 by John Cottle, David McClure, James Crawford.
[Shuck, Larry G., compiler. Greenbrier County Deed & Will Records,
Volume 5. Athens: GA, Iberian, 1992.]

11/21/1828 John Cottle md. Margaret Patton, daughter of Robert & Jean.
According to Morton's History of Monroe County, p. 390, they had no children.
[Monroe County Marriages]

Monroe County Watchman, Jan. 18, 1979: Old Lebanon Cemetery -
John Cottle, Born 5/1/1775, Died 5/20/1850
Margaret Cottle, Died 8/10/1854, aged 78 years.