(page 126) The following will is for Ann Taylor, dated January 1809, in Chesterfield Co. Ann Taylor is the mother of Sarah Stringer. I Ann Taylor of the county of Chesterfield, being now perfect in my senses do make my last will and testament as follows: I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Roberts, my negro woman Patt with her two children Sam and Mary Ann, and their future increase and items I give unto my daughter Sarah Rowlett my negro girl Nancy and her future increase I leave unto my daughter Mary Rowlett my negro woman Eley with her two children Amy and Mary and items I give unto my daughter Sarah Rowlett and where as Josiah Stringer has sold to Peter Rowlett a negro boy by the name of Spencer, which I had given him in a former will, I do now confirm the sale. I now appoint my son-in-law Peter Rowlett my executor PETER ROWLETT applied for an 825 acre land grant prior to his death in 1754. This land was located on the Maherrin River in Lunenburg County. this grant was not approved until August 16, 1756, two years after his death. In Peter Rowlett's will he mentioned his five children, three of them were his sons, William, Philip and John. The following is Peter Rowlett's will: In the name of God amen. I Peter Rowlett of Lunenburg County in the colony of Virginia being sick and weak but sound in mind do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following. First I comment my soul to almighty god and my body to be buried at the discretion of my executors, as to my worldly estate I give and devise it as follows. Item I give unto my sons William, Philip and John and their sisters forever and all my lands to be equally divided amongst my three sons and in case of either of their deaths before arriving at the age of twenty one years, then his or their part is to descend to the survivor or survivors. Item I give unto my son William and his heirs my two negroes called Mille and America with their increase on the condition said son paying to each of my daughters fifteen pounds current money when they come of age or on the day of marriage, which ever happens first As to the rest of my estate my will is that after my wife's third part is divided and the remainder shall be equally divided amongst my five children and I hereby constitute and appoint my friend Mckerness Goode and Philip Jones executors of this my last will and testament. 11 Jan 1754 His Peter X Rowlett (seal) mark On March 7, 1754, the executors named in Peter Rowlett's will refused to qualify themselves, so Elizabeth Rowlett his widow qualified herself as the administrator. She used George Walton as her security to qualify herself