The Northumberland Court records of 1655, revealed that on April 20, 1654, Major Samuel Smith received 200 acres of land from transporting two whites, Elizabeth Read and Bryan, an Irishman, as well as two negroes, Tony and Bess. For some reason Samuel Smith was given credit for transporting these people again in 1658. This is documented as follows: On the 28 Sep 1658 Col. Samuel Smith of Wiccocomcoco received 350 acres of land in Northumberland Co. N.E. upon Patomeck River: running to land of Richard Thompson: N. W. upon Thickett; S Wly; upon land of George Coltclough. Trans of seven persons; Elizabeth Read; Bryan, an Irishman; Tony a negro and Bess a negro; Jone Kitcheman, Mary Hutton, and Ann Lever.