Francis Jackson, his will was written in Raleigh Parish, Amelia County, dated March 4, 1776. It reads as follows To son Rowland Jackson, land purchased of John Brown where on he now lives, also negro man Jo To son Josiah Jackson, land where on he now lives divided from my plantation by a branch that heads up near Simon Clement's plantation, down branch to two birch trees in William Jackson's line on south side of Mayses branch. To daughter Mary Jackson, negro woman Lucy and increase. To daughter Elizabeth Jackson, negro girl Rose and her increase To daughter Pressilla Jackson, Negro girl Bid and her increase To to each of my daughters afore mentioned certain livestock To son Francis Jackson, plantation whereon I now live and remainder of land not before given to him To son Francis Jackson, remaining negroes, Pat, Tom, Shadrach, and Jude and their increase, also remaining livestock, house hold furniture and all necessary plantation utensils to him after he pays my just debts I desire daughters to have the privilege of living with their brother Francis while they remain single Francis Jackson (seal)