The following is Edwin Smith's Last will and Testament of Great Wiccomoco Parish, will written March 22, 1749. Will probated April 9, 1750 Cousin Richard Nutt all my part of the Grist Mill God son Edwin Chilton, negro woman Letty; my house Brother William Smith five Shillings Sterling Sister Elizabeth Nutt, five Shillings Sterling brother James Smith five Shillings Sterling Brother John Smith five Shillings Sterling to Edwin Fielding all the Tobacco and money that Mr. John Graham is indebted to me which is one thousand and ten pounds of crop tobacco and two Pistoles and two Pisteruns and all the tobacco I have which has not past inspection shall belong to Edwin fielding; he to have all my wearing cloths (as written,jc) Godson Edwin Fielding my mare, saddle and bridle To George Dawkings my blacksmith tools with anvil and bellows; one truckle bedstead; a bed and furniture belonging to it all the land there to where Michael Holden now lives that formerly belonged to Richard Worrick To Thomas Dawkins the son of George Dawkins my Vidian ----? (have no clue as to what a Vidian---? is jc) To Judith Fielding my side saddle Godson Samuel Smith my Plantation, negro man Bristol, and all my other estate not before mentioned after my debts are paid to him and his lawfully begotten heirs of his body after he comes to the age of twenty one, and for want of such issue it should go to George Dawkins to him and his heirs. George Dawkins and Edwin Chilton Executors. Witness by Richard Benn, Mary Benn, and Winnifred Landsdell NOTE: something just crossed my mind; that these plantations had to have cemeteries or burial ground of some sort and maybe anyone using these wills could use them as a guide to where these plantations were or are, and I'm sure that the graves had to have names on them and maybe they could find some of these unnamed slaves in these wills in those cemeteries. The following is the will of Richard Nutt, husband of Elizabeth Smith In the name of God Amen, I Richard Nutt, being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memeory do make this my last will and testament. Item I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin Nutt my land; and appurtenances there to belonging instead of a negro that I sold belonging to the Benjamin Nutt I give the land to him and his heirs for ever after the death of his mother I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin Nutt one feather bed, and furniture, one cow, and one young steer I give and bequeath to my son Richard one negro man named Sam, and one negro worman named Nann, after the death of his mother and my desire is that my son Richard should have an equal part of my moveable estate with the rest of my children my will and desire is that my son Richard have my part of the water mill that Edwin Smith and I built Item I give and bequeath to Frances Hayine; the daughter of William and Frances Hayine one shilling sterling money Item I give and bequeath to my two daughters Agatha and Mary all the remainder of my estate to be equally divided between them after all my debts are paid. My will and desire is that my loving wife Elizabeth Nutt should have the use of all my estate during her widowhood; my desire is that my loving wife be executor and my brother-in-law John Smith to witness my hand this said day of December in the year of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred forty five. Test. Edwin Smith Richard Nutt John Smith Judith x Fielding her mark Elizabeth Nutt's estate was probated July 13, 1752, and administered by John Smith and Edwin Fielding. William Smith's will was written May 7, 1752, and was probated June 13, 1752 part of it reads as follows: Wife Hannah Smith all my whole estate during her natural life. Son Thomas Smith negro boy Isaac and my land to him and his heirs lawfully begotten of his body, and for want of such heirs to return to his sisters and their children; my chest; all my wearing clothes; one of my best feather beds and furniture; my best gun; all my shoemaker and jilters tools. Granddaughther Milla Webb, forty shillings cash when she arrives to the age of eighteen years. I disannul my daughter Betty Webb and her husband Aaron Webb from any part of my estate. Daughter Virginia Kirk the bed with the Virginia Tick and all the furniture thereunto belonging. Daughter Juda Humphries one feather bed and furniture. Daughter Hannah Webb's children Hanna and William; three pounds cash now in the hands of their father; said Hannah and William to have an equal part of my estate with one of my children James Kirk and John Webb should take in possession the estate of George Kirk dec'd in behalf of the Kirk children. Wife Hannah Smith and Joseph Pope,TExecutors Witness; Edwin Fielding, Richard Nutt, and Sarah Nutt The will of John Smith of St. Stephens Parish, will was written November 13 1755, will was probated January 12 1756. It reads as follows: to Thomas Smith, son of my brother William Smith dec'd negro woman Ruth To cousin (this should actually be nephew) Samuel Smith, son of my brother Samuel Smith dec'd negro boy Sam; the said boy to remain with his mother in the possession of Thomas Smith until said Samuel Smith arrives at the age of twenty one years To Ann Smith daughter of Samuel Smith, four hundred pounds of tobacco to be used in her schooling. To Leanna Oldham a bed and furniture that stands upstairs during her life time and at her death to one of the children that she had by Thomas Ashburn. To Lettie and Tomsean Smith daughters of my brother Thomas Smith dec'd ten pounds current money each. To be paid to Spencer Smith son of above said Thomas Smith all the rest of my estate not before mentioned except my wearing clothes; he paying my debts. To Richard Nutt all my wearing clothes Spencer Smith and Hadcock Hobson, executrors. Witness. Elizabeth France John Smith (seal) Adcock Hodson George Bannister The following is the Last Will and Testament of Lazarus Smith, the youngest child of Samuel Smith and Alice Austin In the name of God amen this day of July 1742, I Lazuras Smith, in the county of Westmorland, being sick and weak, but of perfect mind and memory thanks be giving unto God. Therefore calling unto mind thy mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die do make this my last will and testament in manner and fore the following. (that is to say) first principally I do make this my last will and testament in manner and give my soul to God who gave it to me hoping at the general resurrection to receive it again by the mighty power of God and my body to be buried at the discretion of my executors hereafter named and as for what worldly goods it hath pleased almighyt God to bestow upon me and I give and bequeath as followeth. Item I give and bequeath to my brother James Smith my wearing clothes which is now at his house and all my Pewter, and working tools which is at his house. And a set to turners tools which I have at John M Caves and two casque (casts)? [prob. casks] which is at the said M Caves and I also give him what is due from him to me for the hire of my negro boy provided he will pay what I'm indebted to John Gully. I give and bequeath unto my god son Spencer Smith son of Thomas Smith dec'd twenty pounds current money of Virginia to be paid unto the said Spencer when he arrives to the age of twenty one years, which said sum of twenty pounds is to be paid by my executor hereafter named. Item I give and bequeath unto my cousin Richard Nutt son of Richard Nutt, and Elizabeth his wife, my riding horse, bridle, saddle, and saddle cloth and housing Item I give and bequeath unto my god daughter Judith Smith daughter of William Smith, all my cattle which is at the said William Smith's item I give also to the above said James Smith my cloths which is at the said--------? and all my wearing clothes and some bottles which I have at William Welch's provided he pays what I'm indebted to Mr Jackson and what I m indebted to John Rhodes. I give and bequeath to my brother John Smith my negro boy Harry and what money Mr. Willoughby Newton is indebted to me and all other debts together with all monies, goods, Chattels, and movables, to me belonging (except before bequeathed) I also appoint him the said John Smith my whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament. Lazarus Smith the above will was presented to the court of Westmoreland County, Virginia, on August 31, 1742, by John Smith and a certificate of probate was granted to him.