page 115 chapter 13

the will of John Worsham, 20 Apr 1771. Pittsylvania Co. Va.

Lend to my dearly beloved wife Mary Worsham, negro man  Francis, woman  Phillis, also plantation and mill whereon I now live and Items.

To son John Worsham, one half of the land where I now live to be laid off at the lower end but not to be laid off till my son Thomas shall come of age and not to hinder or molest Mary.

If Mary does not think proper to cultivate the land the profits raising from the same shall be for the rest of my children vis: Daniel, Robert, Joshua, Thomas, Mary, Michel and Phebe.

To son Daniel Worsham, half of the tract of land on that creek on the waters on Smith River.

To son Robert Worsham, a tract of land on the South Fork of Cherry Stone, and Items

To son Joshua Worsham the other half of my land on Flat Creek on the waters of Smith River.

To Son Thomas Worsham, the other half of my land whereon I now live and the mill.

Give the remainder of my estate not given to be equally divided amongst my sons and daughters, that is to say Mary, Michel, Patty and Phebe.