pages 66,67 chapter 9 Robert Robuck, Sr., appeared in Northumberland County, in the early 1700's. His last will and testament was probated on June 15, 1709, with his son Robert II, being the executor. This Robert Jr. became the father-in-law of William Harvey. Robert Robuck II, signed his last will and testament on 7 September 1750. Part of his will is shown as follows: To son William my dwelling plantation, two negroes, James and Sammy. Wife Elizabeth two negroes, Jane and Frank. Son John plantation where he now lives. Son Rawleigh plantation I bought of Edwin Sanders, negro Peter. William Robuck and William Barrett executors. wit by Robert Robuck, III, Rawleigh Robuck, and Mary Richson. Besides these sons, Robert, also had five daughters: They were the deceased wife of William Harvey, Winifred, the wife of William Barrett, Rebecca, the wife of Charles Coppedge, Judith, the wife of Rodham Hudson, and probably Mary Richson, who was a witness to this will. The only other Robuck will recorded in Northumberland County, was that of William, son of Robert II. The will divided the estate equally between his wife (name not given but probably Mary Gaines) and two sons, William and Robert, who received two negroes, James and Sawney, (and) a negro boy George (who was) sold to pay debts. Rawleigh Robuck, the son of Robert II, married Hannah Hercum of Northumberland County. They had at least four children: William was born in 1755; Rawleigh was born in 1757; he received a negro girl named Hannah from his grandfather; William Hercum in 1762. George was born in 1759, and Betty with no birth date given. This Rawleigh, son of Robert, is likely the individual named Rawleigh living in Madison County, Virginia, in 1777. John Robuck, the son of Robert II, settled in Culpepper County, Virginia, about 1758; there is no further information on him. There was very little information on Robert Robuck III. He received a negro woman, and two negro boys from his father on 11 Aug 1740. He was one of the witnesses to his father's will in 1750. Charles Coppedge, who married Rebecca Robuck, left a will dated 31 Mar 1766, in Northumberland County. He named the following children: Jesse, received the plantation, Charles received a Malatto girl, Mary Kelly and items. Moses received cash, Sarah received a negro woman, Jemima. Betty received a negro woman, Juda. On 30 October 1780, William Robuck of Culpepper County, signed his last will and testament. He left his estate to his wife, Mary Robuck, son Rawleigh Robuck, and daughters, Elizabeth Robuck, Millie Robuck, and Lucy Robuck. He mentions his father, Robert Robuck and brother Robert Robuck. The only Robert Robuck, who could be the father of this William, is Robert Robuck III. Sometime after her husband's death in 1780, Mary Ann married her husband's brother, Robert. Robert's will was probated 21 January 1793, in Culpepper County. This will mentioned his wife, Mary Ann Robuck, along with the following people: daughters, Elizabeth, and Anna, Robert Robuck, Jr., Elizabeth Robuck , Anna Robuck, William Robuck, son and daughters of Mary Ann Robuck, Sarah Henderson, Francis Reighns, and William Robuck. In some records, the spelling of the Robuck name is spelled Roebuck. Although I extracted numerous Robuck names, I chose only to offer these accounts. NOTE: I typed this exactly as is written in the book. I will not make any changes, except to offer notes of my own thinking. JC (I've made some minor punctuation, capitalization, and spacing changes for clarity. Doc)