pages 97, 98 chapter 12 The following are some of the family wills. JOHN ROWLETT, 2 Nov 1777, Chesterfield co., (Virginia) To son John, tract of land called Wintopock and four negroes. To son William, plantation where he now lives and afer his mother's death to have place where I now live. To daughter Frances Gill, 1 feather bed. To daughter Phebe Patrum, no part of my cattle, and Daniel Patrum to pay my estate money I lent him. To daughter Mary Deaton, 1 feather bed and 1 negro To grandson Rowlett Gill 20 Lbs. To grandson John Rowlett, the son of William, plantation where I now live after his parents death. To grandson John Rowlett, son of George Rowlett, plantation called Stony Creek after William takes possession of plantation where I now live. To Wife Phebe my plantation, negroes, etc. To grandson John Patrum, 5 Lbs. To Grandson William Deaton, 5 Lbs. Executors brother Thomas, son George, son-in-law James Gill. JAMES GILL. 12 Jan 1789. Chesterfield Co. To son Rowlett, 232 acres of land, 1 negro and items. To daughter Jenny Dyson, 1 negro and items. To daughter Betsey Rowlett, 1 negro. To son James, 21 acres of land, 1 negro and items. To daughter Frances Gill, 1 negro and items To daughter Mary Gill, 1 negro and items. To son John Wilson Gill, 150 acres of land. To wife Frances plantation I now live on. Executors son Rowlett and son-in-law William Rowlett JAMES GILL 20 Aug 1794, Chesterfield Co. To brother John Wilson Gill ... To Frances Dyson daughter of my sister Jenny ... To Peter Rowlett, son of my sister Betsy ... Executors William Rowlett and Rowlett Gill ROWLETT GILL 17 Jun 1814, Chesterfield Co. To my nephew William Dyson negro man Tom. To my nephew Rowlett Jackson tract of land where I now live also negro man Lewis. To my niece Lucy Jackson two negroes, Aurther and Doctor. To my nephew Peter Rowlett negro boy Henry. To my nephew Joseph Rowlett negro man Adam. To nephew William Rowlett tract of land I bought of Henry Gardner also negro boy Stephen. To my niece Elizabeth Williams 1 negro man. Executors Brother-in-law William Rowlett and William Clarke, Sr. WILLIAM ROWLETT 22 Jan 1815 Chesterfield, Co. To my two sons Peter and Joseph the land already given them. To the two children of Polly R Dance namely James and Alfred fifteen hundred dollars. If Mary R Dance my wife is now pregnant with child it to have the same as the other two. To my son William Rowlett my plantation called Parkinsons. He shall relinquish the land given him by his uncle Rowlett Gill which I sold to James Howlett. The money five thousand three hundred dollars I gave to my daughter Elizabeth Williams. Remainder of estate to be divided between all my children, Peter, Joseph and William Rowlett, Ann Clark and Elizabeth Williams. Executors sons Peter and Joseph. Sons-in-law John Williams and William Clark JOHN ROWLETT 7 May 1836 Chesterfield Co. Item my wife Rebecca to have my whole estate and at her death to be divided between my three children, Francis Rowlett, Edward and Sally Rowlett GEORGE ROWLETT 3 Jan 1809 Amelia Co. (Virginia) To wife Patty the small room on the east of the house, one third of my land, three negroes and items. At wife's death negroes to go to sons William and George. To daughter Patty, furniture left by my wife to be divided between her and son George. To Mary Branch, sister of wife, 1 feather bed and 5 Lbs cash. To son William 130 acres of land in Chesterfield Co., called Stony Creek. Note: this is the same land left of William's brother John Rowlett by their grandfather. To son Thomas, 1 negro woman and 1 negro boy, also my interest in flour mill. To son George, tract of land where I now live and items. To daughter Patty four negroes and items. To my grandson George Rison, 1 Colt. To my granddaughter Pamlia Hardy Rison, one negro girl and if she dies before she becomes of age then to grandchildren. Mary Rison and Richard Rison Executors. James Bott, Daniel Worsham and Thomas Rowlett GEORGE ROWLETT 23 Jun 1843 Amelia Co Item to Rebecca S. Rowlett 1 negro and at her death to be returned to my estate Item my home shall be the traveling preacher's place to call on as usual and to draw on my estate as long as my wife shall live 5 dollars. Item I give to my wife, M.O. Rowlett, the whole of my estate both real and personal. Item I appoint my wife to be my executor. JOHN ROWLETT 27 Jun 1844 Chesterfield Co. Land to be divided into two equal parts, one half to my wife Eppise Louisia and the other half to my son Joseph Henry. Lend to my wife one half of my slaves during her natural life, the other half to be divided between my three children, Frances J.A. Cousins, Joseph Henry and Julia A. Rowlett MARY ROWLETT 11 May 1843 Chesterfield Co. To my daughter Harriet B Davis six negroes. To my daughter-in-law Elizabeth F. Rowlett, widow of my son James, two negro girls. To my son Alpheus A. Rowlett the balance of my estate. Executor Alpheus A. Rowlett THOMAS ROWLETT 21 Oct 1780 Chesterfield Co. To daughter Mary Taylor, 20 Lbs. To daughter Ann Cousins, 2 negroes. To daughter Elizabeth Rowlett, 4 negroes and if she dies her part to go to my son William. To son William, my plantation I live on, 9 negroes and the rest of my estate. Executors my son William and his wife Mary Rowlett GEORGE COUSINS 29 July 1779 Chesterfield Co. To two sons William and George all my land in Amelia Co., Lend to wife Ann my plantation for widowhood then to two sons above. To son George all my blacksmith tools. To son William rest of my tools, items and etc. All the rest to my wife Ann and my five children, George, william, Sally Hill, Nancy and Patsy, equally and my slave to them also. Executors Wife and two sons William and George and son-in-law William Hill ANN COUSINS of Dale Parish 27 Jun 1786 Chesterfield Co. To daughter Martha Cousins three negroes. If she dies under age then to daughters Sarah Hill and Nancy Lester. To granddaughter Elizabeth Cousins daughter of William Cousins, one negro. To granddaughter Elizabeth Lester one negro. To Abraham Burton son of Charles 10 Lbs. My negro woman Doll to be free from servitude. Rest of estate to daughter Martha Cousins. Executors George Markham, William Clarke, Abraham Burton WILLIAM ROWLETT 26 Mar 1836 Chesterfield Co. To wife Rebecca, plantation for her natural life; negroes should be kept together on plantation. To daughter Sarah Jane Rowlett, Plantation after her mothers death. If she dies before she reaches the age of twenty one, then to grandson William G. Coleman. Executor grandson William G. Coleman JOSEPH ROWLETT 9 Oct 1773 Chesterfield Co. To wife Frances plantation I now live on, three negroes during her natural life. To son John tract of land on north side of Swift Creek. To son William tract of land on north side of Old Town Creek. To son Thomas tract of land I now live on after his mother's death. To three daughters Mary, France, and Martha tract of land known by name of Grandiens (this is correct spelling). Rest of estate that was left me by William Worsham to be equally divided. Executors Parker Hare, Thomas Rowlett and George Robertson FRANCES ROWLETT 2 Feb 1793 Chesterfield Co To son John 1 negro. To granddaughter Martha Clarke 1 negro. To son Thomas 1 negro and rest of estate. Executors two sons John and Thomas THOMAS COVINGTON 18 Nov 1780 Halifax Co. (Virginia) To wife Mary Covington plantation, stock of horses and cattle, hogs and sheep. Two negroes follows during her life or widowhood, then after her death divided among my children. To son Thomas all the land on the east side of Stewards Road. To son Edmund all the land on the other side of same road. Executor Francis Shelton WILLIAM ROWLETT 12 Apr 1785 Chesterfield Co., Lend to wife Sarah plantation and 5 negroes for widowhood. To son William plantation where I now live after his mother's death, and the island in the river and a tract in Amelia Co. of 435 acres, and 300 acres in Mecklemburg Co., negroes and 1 lot in town of Gatesville. To daughter Mary, 4 negroes and items. Executors sons William and Thomas THOMAS ROWLETT 20 Dec 1805 Mecklemburg Co (Virginia) To Sarah Coleman wife of Thomas Coleman negro woman Hannah. To mother Sarah Rowlett one hundred dollars. One third part of estate to my brother William Rowlett, one other third part to my sister's children to wit Sarah Coleman, Thompson Rowlett, Mary Rowlett, William Rowlett, Peter Rowlett Hannah Rowlett, John Rowlett, Archer Rowlett and Martha Rowlett. Third part to the Children of my dec'd sister Martha Green to- wit: Archer Green, Abraham Green, Elizabeth Oliver, Sarah Green, William Green, Martha Green, Lewis Green, Mary Green, Susanna Green, Rebecca Cole Green. Executors, Archer Green, Thomas coleman, and William Rowlett, my brother WILLIAM ROWLETT 11 Mar 1811 Clarksfield, Chesterfield Co. To my sister Mary Rowlett, all my land that I now live on called Clarksfield. To her three children, James, Polly and Elizabeth, all my stock of horses, cattle, sheep and hogs. To my nephew Thomas Rowlett at the death of his mother my land and plantation called Clarksfield except that part called Gills Pond. To my nephew Peter Rowlett, all my land in Mecklemburg Co. on the south side of Butchens Creek. To Oliver Williams and Parker Hare, three negroes. To Thomas Rowlett at the death of my sister Mary Rowlett, a negro woman Fanny. At the death of my sister Mary Rowlett, my nephew and nieces, namely Thompson William, Peter, John, Archer, Polly and Martha Rowlett all my negroe slaves not before mentioned. Executors John Hare, William Rowlkett of Mecklemburg and Thomas Coleman I assume that the plantations were huge and that they had numerous negroes and I truly hope that all the above unnamed negroes may somehow be identified through these wills. jc