JOHN WORSHAM 20 Jul 1813 Pittsylvania Co., (Virginia) To my beloved wife Mary Worsham all my land, negroes, furniture, and some livestock, one hundred pounds I devise to my friend Thomas Strewart of Danville, 100 acres of land joining James D. Patton To my brother Thomas Worsham, two horses, negroes Esau and Jacob To my brother Daniel 50 pounds I desire my three old negroes, James, Philly and Jenny to be set free after the death of my wife and for their support I leave them a tract of land, 100 to 200 acres, in Caswell County, North Carolina, a horse, livestock, spinning wheels, and tools. On death of these three the property to revert back to my estate After the death of my wife, all remaining property to be sold and the money divided between Thomas Stewart, Ludell Worsham, and the legitimate children of my brothers Robert Worsham and Joshua Worsham, who are deceased, Thomas Worsham, my sister Michal (this was her name)Ferguson and Phebe Wynne the last is also dead THOMAS WORSHAM 15 Dec 1817 Pittsylvania Co My beloved wife Betsey Worsham shall remain in possession of my property real and personal during her natural life except what will hereinafter be disposed of To my son William Worsham, negroes, Rawley, Leilla and Cheasy and items. To daughter Sally Stublefield a horse To daughter Polly Worsham, my negro woman Aggy and her child Clary, a boy Adam and items To my son Thomas Worsham, negroes, Esau, Bob, John, and Frankey and items To my two sons William and Thomas Worsham, the tract of land where I now live, to be divided equally, Thomas to have the upper end with the dwelling house. They are to share the bridge equally, to take effect upon the death of my wife The residue of my estate, after the death of my wife, is to be equally divided between my six children: Nancy Benson, Joseph Worsham, William Worsham, Sally Stublefield, Polly Worsham and Thomas Worsham.