Morgan County 19th century marriages.

As you will quickly note I have put some of the sorts in order by the brides, something I haven't seen on any other website - and something I hope will catch on as tracking women is one of the most difficult parts of genealogy.

Use at your own risk and always check other sources to verify the information. And let me know if you find my poor efforts useful. (Note: the "edit/find" feature doesn't seem to work on these files so you're just going to have to page down to find whatever (whoever) it is that you're looking for.)

You will need a copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader to display these files. It is free.

I scanned these from a compilaton created on a typewriter whose keys needed cleaning. I've cleaned up the results as much as I can and have managed to correct some spelling here and there, although the scanning may have introduced a multitude of misspellings as well. Further, there were some partially or totally missing dates which I was able to fill in by resorting to the marriage register.

I would appreciate notification of any glaring errors you might find. For the most part I have retained the phonetic spelling that was used when these records were originally written down except where my own research has revealed a correctible usage or where there was a difference with what was recorded in the marriage register, in which case I compared them and chose the one which seemed to be more consistent with all of the records I could check. In many cases I have included both versions in the list so you can take your choice.