Names Of Slaves Discovered (so far)

This is going to be a long and ongoing process and I will need as much help as you, my fellow researchers, can provide me in order to make any headway at all. The chances of 100% success likely range between slim and none -- but I feel it is imperative that we at least try!

  1. -s- None recorded, Cindy, 30, Black Female, ??.
    My mom remembered this woman's name. She was given, in lieu of money, as payment of a debt to Edward Hill. The Hills didn't hold with slavery so treated her as one of the family. She set to table with them at mealtimes, went to church with them and sat with them on Sundays, and, when given her freedom, elected to remain with them. She probably adopted the surname Hill but I can't as yet document that. Edward was not listed as a slave holder in 1840 or 1860 so must assume that she was given to him after 1840 and that she died prior to 1860. She is buried in the family graveyard.
  2. -s- None recorded, Aggy, 45, Black Female, ??.
    She is mentioned, along with a son, Washington, and a daughter, Sarah, in Edmund Wells' 1846 will wherein he left her and her children to his wife, Sarah. By 1850 Sarah was living in son David's houshold who was listed with just 3 slaves. He had been left a slave, Absolum, in Edmund's will but I don't know what became of him between 1846 and 1850.
  3. -s- None recorded, Sarah, 8, Black Female, ??.
    She is Aggy's daughter according to Edmund Wells' will of 1846. Too young to be in the 1840 census, unless, as often happens, there were inconsistencies in recording the ages.
  4. -s- None recorded, Washington, 24, Black Male, ??.
    He is Aggy's son according to Edmund Wells' will of 1846.
  5. A slave named Absolum was left in Edmund Wells' will of 1846 to his son David but only one male slave is listed for David in 1850 so don't really know which one is which. Since those that are listed as David's account for the 3 willed to his mother and his mother is living with him I'm assuming the male listed is Washington and Absalum is now gone.
  6. A slave named Amanda was left in Edmund Wells' will of 1846 to his son Benjamin F. Wells but Benjamin is not listed as a slave owner in the 1850 census, thus I don't know what became of Amanda.
  7. A slave named Thomas was left in Edmund Wells' 1846 will to his daughter Martha Perry, wife of Thomas D. Perry. The only male slaves in that household in 1850 are aged 6 and 7 and they would've been approximately 2 and 3 in 1846. One of them one is probably Thomas -- but which one?

    At this point I think it's time to provide more detailed information on Edmund Wells and the slaves he held in the two censuses he was alive for, then see what we can extrapolate from the subsequent census years. The data for 1846 is taken from Edmund Wells' will. The data for 1850 is from the household of David C. Wells and the data for 1860 is from the Thomas D. Perry household as that is where Sarah Wells was living then. The oldest male slave listed for Thomas D. Perry is 25 so apparently Washington is no longer associated with them for whatever reason.

    1830Age Bracket 1840Age Bracket18461850 Age1860Age
    Female10-24Female24-36 AggyFemale45Female53
    Maleunder 10Male10-24 Washington Male24  
      Maleunder 10 Absolum
    Femaleunder 10Female10-24 Amanda
      Maleunder 10 Thomas

    It would appear that David Wells got out of the slave holding business by 1860. His mother is living with daughter Martha & her husband Thomas D. Perry by then.

  8. -s- Caudill, Chaney, 16, Black Female, ??.
    She is listed with surname Caudill in the 1870 Magoffin County census and is identified by the transcriber as the freed slave of Benjamin and Abagail Pennington Caudill. Mention is made of her marriage a few years later and she is listed as white in the 1880 Magoffin County census. The ages given for her over the years are very inconsistent.

    Let's look at Chaney's records over the available years (1840-80) now. The 1840 data is from Benjamin Caudill's household and for 1850 and 1860 from the widow's household. The 1870 data is from Chaney Caudill's household and the 1880 data is from Harris Howard's and Hiram Collins' households, the latter of which has Chaney listed as white, as mentioned above, and as 40 when she should be nearer 46 if not 48. Chaney Caudill married Hiram Collins 10 April 1873 with daughter Margaret as one of the witnesses. Margarett and Milton Caudill are living in the Howard household in 1880. Have no idea what became of Chaney's youngest daughters from the 1870 census. All the children listed in the Hiram Collins household are his by his previous marriage.

    NameSex1840 Age
    1850 Age1860 Age1870 Age1880 Age
    none givenMale10-2418  ??   ??  ??
    Chaney CaudillFemale10-2416 283440
    none givenMale 5/1210   ??   ??
    none givenMale   8  ??  ??
    Margaret "Peggy"Female  6 16 30
    none givenMale  4   ??   ??
    Milton?Male  1   ?? 19
    Marey F.Female     4   ??
    JenoahFemale    6/12   ??

    Note: I can't as yet include Peggy or Milton Caudill in the index as they were born after 1850 and I'm concentrating on 1850 at the present time (although for purposes of uncovering names I'll deal with whatever years and censuses that I have to).

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