Future Intentions

  1. To determine as many names as possible for the 1840 Morgan County census and inlcude tables for it. Also to include any names from the 1840 census not already in the main index in it with a hook to let you pick whichever year's household you want to look at.
  2. Do a similar project for the 1830 Morgan County census (although that will be much harder to develop names for).
  3. Include the 1860, 1870, and 1880 Morgan County censuses in the index with their own individual household files with tables for the households like the 1850 census now has.
  4. Incorporate as many marriage dates as possible into the existing (and subsequent) household tables.
  5. Incorporate as many birth dates as I can gather in the tables.
  6. Ditto re the death dates.
  7. An ongoing project will be to determine as many names of slaves and former slaves as possible.
  8. Possibly convert the whole shebang to a frames environment, which would allow displaying households from different census years at the same time.

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