Known chronology of (William) Uriah Cottle.
1752 March, Somerset court sentences a Uriah Cottle to 7 years in the colonies.
1752 a Uriah Cottle is on the Passenger/Immigration list. (The authority for this listing is the
         Somerset Court entry.)
1759 Probable year of birth of first son, Charles Jedidiah Cottle, by first wife. (A Carter
         researcher calls her Rebecca.)
1760 Probable year of birth of first daughter, Elizabeth Cottle.
1763-5 Birth of second son, Charles William Cottle.
1765-69 First wife probably died during this time period.
1770 10 May - (Ordered that) John Bowman (take the list of tithables) from the Stone House to
         the Bedford line and between the mountains as high as Fort Lewis.
1770 Uriah's first appearance on Botetourt county tithable list. Name taken by John Bowman.
1770 Uriah's first appearance on Botetourt county delinquent list.
1770 Birth of second daughter, Ruth Cottle, first daughter by second wife, Elizabeth.
1771 Appears on Botetourt county tithable list by John Bowman. Maybe Lewis' Co.
1772 17 March - birth of third son, Joseph Cottle, first by second wife, Elizabeth.
1772 April - Listed on ledger of Mathews Trading post: "To Sundrys; Rum."
1772 August - Listed on ledger of Mathews Trading post: "To 1 fine hat."
1774 Appears on Botetourt county tithable list by Geo. Skillern. Location - Big Levels,
        Sink Hole, etc.
1774 Appears on Botetourt county delinquent list. Whole county.
1775 January - interest on above (1772).
1775 Appears on Botetourt county tithable list by A. Donnelly. Location - Spring Creek.
1775 Appears on Botetourt county delinquent list by A. Donnelly. Location - Greenbrier R. waters.
1775 1 May - birth of fourth son, second son by Elizabeth, John Cottle.
1779 Leaves a will dated 13 April.
         + Persons mentioned but not named in the will:
         + my well beloved Wife; the Children.
         + Persons mentioned by name in the will:
         + my Son Charles Jedidah; my Son William.
         + my loving Friends William Reanocks And John Lockridge.
         + The will was witnessed by John Eakin and James Hanna.
         + Uriah signed with an X.
1779 May - Charles Jedidiah Cottle enlists in Continental Army.
1779 14 July - Elizabeth Cottle (Uriah's oldest daughter) marries John McGuire.
1779 September - first month indicated on probation records, probable month that Uriah died.
1780 29 May - Charles Jedidiah Cottle killed at Waxhaws, South Carolina.
1783 April? - Greenbrier Court, Sampson and Geo. Mathews assee of Uriah Cottle vs Wm. Crawford
         in case, James Hanna - undertakes for deft.
1783 November 18 Greenbrier court orders that Sarah Cottle and Ann Cottle infant orphans of                   Uriah Cottle be bound to James Boggs according to law.
         (Note: nicknames; Sally for Sarah and Nancy for Ann.)
1784 May? - Greenbrier Court, Sampson and Geo. Mathews assee of Uriah Cottle vs Wm. Crawford
         in debt, same judgment - (for plaintiff) with interest from 1 March 1775.
1785 6 March - Greenbrier Court, Wm. Renick and John Lotheride (sic) admrs. of Uriah Cottle
         deceased vs James Kernes sr., - James Jordan, and Joseph McClintock defts., same
        (for plaintiffs).
1786 17 May - Greenbrier Court, James Henderson and William Poage to examine and settle the
         accounts of William Renick, - exor., Uriah Cottle, deceased.
1786 17 May - (p. 152) Uriah Cottle, sale, 5/17/1786. Exec. Jan Henderson, William Poage.

The following is the account of the May 17, 1786 sale of Uriah Cottle's estate and a speculative reconstruction of his family.

Buyers: Hepher Vachub, G. Blackburn, Henry Davis, Ray Ludington, James Johnston,
______ Frogg, William Hanna, Rob Armstrong, John Lewis, John Williams.

Noted: Horse and gun willed to Udigah (sic) Cottle and William Cottle.
(I wonder what happened to the black mare willed to his wife? - Doc)
(* That's Jedidiah, who got the gun, and William who got the horse.*)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

From Karen Sue Haley I received the following:
"In addition to the Uriah Cottle Will of 19 April 1779 (actually 13 April -- see above) there
was a settlement schedule listed. It looks like it says 1779 September - May 1786."

(From this I conclude that Uriah likely died September of 1779. Doc)

"There are two columns one for debts and one for credits to the account.

"Henry Davis, Wm. Hannah, and George Blackburn were some of those who paid their bonds to the estate.

"Uriah's estate paid J. Clark, James Johnson, Wm. Hannah, Robert Armstrong and John Lewis.

"At the end it says "Agreeable to an order of Court to us directed we have examined the within and of the Estate of Uriah Cottle deceased and find there remains in the hands of the executor 69.2 7(?). To the widow's part 23.6(?). ?

"To each of the Legatees eight ints(?) 5.10(!2?).24?"

"The widow was given one-third of the estate or 23+ and remaining two-thirds or 46+ is to be divided equally between Uriah's children. That total would be the 69+ as stated by the executors (23+46). It is hard to read the shillings and pence but 23 is clear. If the children are all given equal shares of 5.10?.? then the eight int. must mean an eighth there must be 8 (surviving) children as 8 times 5 something would make the 46 pounds.

"Now we know that Uriah had eight children though they are not named. Who are they? We know for sure there was Charles Jedidiah, and William as they are named in the will. We know for certain Ann and Sarah as they were bound as infant children of Uriah Cottle. Now who are the other four? ...John, Joseph, Elizabeth and Jiles? ....Hannah and Ruth?
- (signed) Sue

My reply to her was as follows:

Not Jiles. (He turns out to be the son of Rachel - baseborn?) Also not Charles Jedidiah since he'd been dead 6 years already.

Based on Uriah's will, plus John Cottle's will, plus various court records (and William's estimated age) I figure the children are as follows:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by the 1st wife:
1. Charles Jedidiah Cottle - deceased 1780 so no part for him.
2. Elizabeth Cottle McGuire - deceased prior to husband's 1825 will.
3. (Charles) William Cottle - maybe still alive in 1850 (in John's will).

by the second wife, Elizabeth:
4. Ruth Cottle Nutter - supposedly dead in 1815 but still in John Cottle's 1850 will.
    (Thoughts anyone?)
5. Joseph Cottle - deceased 1852 (in John's 1850 will).
6. John Cottle - died in 1850.
7. Hannah Cottle Foster - still alive in 1850 (in John's will).
8. Sarah Cottle Hamm - still alive in 1850 (in John's will).
9. Anna "Nancy" Cottle Pine - still alive in 1850 (in John's will).

So we have 9 children, one of whom died prior to probate. John Cottle's will probably was worded to account for all of the children who shared in the probate, even though some of them (Ruth for sure) had died since then. This was likely John's way of preserving an account of the family structure for posterity.