Version History

Version 1.0 was one gigantic 3.5 megabyte file which which wouldn't even load on my hard drive.

Version 1.1 split the index off and into two parts and the houshold listings were split into 12 parts (for a total of 14 data files + intro & menus & such like stuff. Still loaded somewhat slowly.

Version 1.2 further divided the index so it is now in 9 parts. The household listings are in 48 parts and the individual lines for those over age 50, mulatto, free black, & slave are in place. All the necessary links are now installed. (May even add further links in the future.)

Version 1.3 adds the literacy figures and incorporates all of Harley Little's notes in his transcription of the census plus some of my own notes. In addition some of the households have gotten updated information from my continuing acquisition of information, such as more maiden names, more marriage dates included & the like.

At this point I managed to get my own ISP subscription and room to place the census online. The Morgan County genweb site administrator has a link to it, as does the moderator of the Cottle Country discussion group. Not a lot of activity so far, but what activity there is has been productive of more maiden names.

Version 2 involves a major revision of the index to allow for multiple census years to be linked to. It also involved further splitting the index (now in 17 files) and also an ongoing effort to list the women in every possible place a researcher might be looking for them, whether by maiden name, married name, second married name, ... etcetera. It also marks the beginning of the effort to include tables for earlier census years for certain families. I hope to got all of the 1840 and 1830 Morgan County censuses included eventually, along with selected listings from 1820 Floyd County that wound up in Morgan County in 1823.

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