Hi, I'm Doc. This picture was taken by one of our grad students. I've been enjoying genealogy for going on twenty five years now and have compiled what I think is a ground breaking version of the 1850 Morgan County, Kentucky census. It has an index entry for every named individual who Samuel Turner enumerated and has every person in each household, including slaves, listed, and also includes the specific date they were enumerated. I've only been able to tentatively give a name to a few of the slaves (included in the index as "None recorded" for the surname plus the given name) and need everyone's help to determine names for the rest of the involuntary residents of the county that year.

This database is a work in progress and it is yours as much as it is mine, although I will retain control of the contents and editing. I've managed to determine a fair number of maiden names but need many more for this to be as useful as I hope it can be. Quite a few people have assisted me in incorporating more maiden names and I have acknowledged their efforts and included links to their e-mail addresses in the tables where they helped so that other researchers interested in the same families can get in touch with them. (This was a fortuitious inovation that occurred to me in an epiphany! I acted upon it immediately!!)

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